Carpenter Ants Can Actually Destroy Your House…

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What are these large black ants you see in your house? Are you seeing them in your kitchen and your bathroom... or by the front door? Most ants you see inside your home are small and brown. But the large ants, also known as carpenter ants, actually build above ground nests in cavities. Nest building and cavity expansion by these ants can cause damage if nests occur inside a house. Carpenter ants are very common. They live on every continent except for South Pole. They are one of the most aggressive wood destroyers. Similar to termites, they damage wood. But unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood. Carpenter ants they make holes inside the wood to establish and expand their nests. While they don't destroy homes nearly as much as termites, their nesting habits can do a lot of damage to the wood which is the main material used for building framing. What can you do as a homeowner to protect yourself from these insects? Prevention is the key. Eliminate sources of moisture. Carpenter ants love to establish their nests inside moist wood. Seal up their entry points. Inspect outside walls of your home. Pay specials attention to the areas near ground or foundation. Seal any holes, cracks or crevices with clear caulk. This will keep away not only ants, but other unwelcome insects, like spiders. Do not store wood near your house. Keep any firewood, yard waste, etc. away from your actual living areas. Is problem with carpenter ants getting out of control? Call us for help. As a professional pest control company, we have access to insecticides and bates that are not available to the general public and our experience allows us to locate and address ant infestations faster and easier than the average homeowner.